Writing Therapy

I’ve decided to dust off my trusty old blog. Not going to say the usual things I usually say to the usual phenomenon that happens when I get the urge to write.
OK, so getting to the topic: writing therapy.
So, about two weeks ago, someone made me so angry that I wanted to throw in the towel and resign from the NGO that I chair. Anyone who knows me will know that I do not quit easily, and when I commit it’s to the bitter end. So yes, I hit a wobbly bit, and there I was ready to shake off the dust and go. I was told to retract and write to the correct people – which I started doing but …
So I decided to take my time writing to those “correct people”. But as I was listing the things that make me want to quit and my unhappiness with the person who made me so mad, the weirdest thing happened – the more I wrote, the less angry I became. When I got to about eighty percent of the completed letter my heart softened, and the beast is still lying in my drafts folder.
Writing is therapy? I think so.
Every time I hit a situation where I am so emotional and can’t find the words, my best friend usually gives me the advice: Write about it. Most often when that happens, my letter starts with Dear Lord. Then I start spilling my stinkies to God, why that person is a jerk who doesn’t deserve forgiveness, how they made me feel, etc. And after a good cry, I can either forgive or tackle the thing that needs to be tackled with a clear mind.
So next time I hit a wobbly, pass me my pen.

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