What Do You Think

Today my cousin and I had a discussion on the effects of tablets on the body. He was saying that panados, which are very mild, often help when he has headaches. I said it’s like cool drink, doesn’t do a thing for me.
Well, it got me thinking …
My dad has a philosophy. He says it’s not the tablet that heals you, it’s the belief that the tablet’s going to work that heals you. He reckons if you drink smarties believing it would work, then it will, because it’s all in the mind.
If that theory is true, could it be that the reason panados don’t work for me, is because I’ve set my mind on believing it won’t help? Should I revert to Smarties instead? Trust me, for a chocoholic like me, that sounds like a plan – in fact, a really good one. :-d

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