Unsubstantiated, but Believed

I have some beliefs that I havent bothered to substantiate, maybe because of laziness, maybe because I’ve seen it, or maybe I just want to believe it. Who knows?

Here are some:

Chocolates make you feel better. I once read an article about this. Apparently, chocolates contain ferormones which (especially in women), make you feel good, comforted … in short, just plain good about yourself. Hey, I believe this one. Whenever I’m extremely down (as I’ve been the last few days), chocolate lifts me up. Hey, in those times, you find people running to the bottle, others huff and puff and poison their lungs and the lungs of others. So why shouldn’t I run to chocolates? Hmm, or maybe I just want to believe this article because I LIKE chockies. 🙂

The other one (which gave me the idea for this post), is that coffee and headache pills work well together. I remember always being told: “You should never mix tablets and coffee.” One day I read something about coffee speeding up the effect of the painkiller, making it work faster. I think I believe it. Works for me.
The last one (and yes, you can shake your head and sigh), is a really crazy one. I don’t believe it, but I do believe it, somewhere in some weird part of my mind. I remember when I was small, the superstitious people always said that if you dream of death, it means someone’s going to get married.
I remember dreaming one night that my granny died. It was one of those recurring dreams where you wake up, fall asleep and dream the same thing again. The next morning my mother woke me up: “Hurry up, bath and get dressed! We’re going to a wedding.” And such a beautiful wedding it was. I still remember the bride’s dress, and how I was thinking: “I’d like a dress like that for MY wedding.”
So now, every time I dream of death, that little wonky part of my brain thinks “I wonder who’s going to get married”, even though the logical part of my brain says that this superstition is nonsense, and the death-wedding incident is purely coincidental. Yes, I know I’m going around the bend fast.

Do you have any unsubstantiated beliefs?

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