Funny Ironies

Sometimes I find the ironies of life quite funny. Like this one: On Monday a meeting was called at work to tell us that ESKON notified them that the power will be off the next day from 8 to 2. People were clamouring to put in the day’s leave we could take if we chose […]

Blindies and Cars

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wished I could just get into a car and drive. Heck, I bet you my whole salary I’m not the only blindy that fantasizes about the power behind the wheel, and the ability to control it. You could even understand why we would want it so […]

A Convenient Excuse for Stupidity

There are so many blonde jokes out there labelling blondes as stupid. And there are also many blondes that take offense to that. Although I don’t agree that blondes are inherently stupid, I don’t mind the jokes, simply because some of them are sooo funny. So, in spite of the fact that my hair labels […]