Trust Me The Same

This last week I had rather a harrowing experience. We booked my ticket, and because I’ve heard bad experiences from Mango call centre agents when trying to book with my guide dog, I never even considered them. I then went for the next cheapest option, which was SAA. The first glitch was their site that wouldn’t accept my credit card; when booking with them though, the same thing happened. While making the booking, the first thing I stted was that I am blind, travelling with a guide dog, and neding meet-and-assist.

Anyway, because my credit card wouldn’t do it, I had to make payment at Pick ‘n Pay. When we get there, the ticket was cancelled. When I re-instate the ticket, it turns out that they never indicated my special needs on the blasted ticket; we could not make payment still, because we had to wait for the medical department to confirm my booking. I was to confirm within an hour. When confirming after an hour, they still had not processed it. That’s when I flew off the handle. Like 7 o’clock that evening they phoned to confirm my ticket. It was my birthday, and though I had a blast, this shadow hung over my day. I had enough. I told them to shove it where the sun never shines.

Because by that time, out of Desperation, I booked with Mango.

Mango never gave me grief, and said that they can accommodate my dog. I was still a stressy wreck, though, because of previous bad reports and some dubious wording on their website. I didn’t sleep much and prayed a lot.

God showed me something. “Watch your dog,” he said. “She’s not panicking. She’s snoring so loud it rattles the window-panes. She trusts you to keep her safe, to bring her home. Trust Me like she trusts you.” There’s a lesson for me in that.

I made it home safely without a glitch. I can trust God like Asta trusts me. I just need to think less and not take back what I hand over.

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