Ten Songs I Associate With Weird Things

These are ten songs (it might end up being more, but what the heck), that when heard, cause me to stop and reflect on something weird that’s happened in my life.

  1. I Try – Macy Gray: Every time I hear this song I think of a bulldog by the name of Jessie we once had. The bulldog had a coarse kind of voice and I thought to myself that if Macy Gray was a bulldog, that’s how she would sound. To make matters worse, Jessie had pups, and one day while this particular song was playing, she was in the process of trying to kill one, and that also springs to mind when I hear a certain part of that song.
  2. Keeping The Dream Alive – Freiheit: This song always reminds me of ice cream in cones. It’s also a happy memory song, reminiscent of happy times in my school years. By the way, polishing an ice cream in a cone whilst listening to that song is one of those happy memories. 🙂
  3. No LimIt – 2 Unlimited: OK, this isn’t a weird memory, but it’s a great one all the same. I was the first primary school chick to be invited to a high school “sokkie” (dance). It was a punk party, and all the teachers and some kids congregated and proceeded to dress me up. The highlight was all the egg that was used to make my hair go punky, and how hard it was to get it out! I have to say, I looked great, and I won a prize for the best-dressed girl that evening. At exactly 11:59, a minute before the dance was about to end, this song played, and I had a ball jumping up and down singing: “No no, no no no no, no no, there’s no limit” at the top of my lungs. 🙂
  4. Xanadu – Olivia Newton-John: When I was a kid, I had an imaginary friend (whose name was Alala), and also some imaginary enemies who absolutely terrified the living daylights out of me. They were the chorkies. I remember standing next to my mom, and as the creepy music of the song started, the chorkies came and made faces at me. When she started singing “a place where nobody dares to go”, one particularly mean chorky said to me: “Yes, that’s where we’re taking you, and you’ll never see your mommy again.” Well, to this day, I don’t like that song.
  5. Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice: Whenever I hear this song, I think of a particular teacher in Malan House, the hostel I stayed in when I was in primary School. I also picture vividly the sun room of that hostel, and the 7 steps leading up to the dormitories. It’s also a happy memory song.
  6. The Golden Years of SA – Various: It’s a medley song, and my mom had it on a record. We listened to it so much as a kid, that we knew exactly what came out. When the song started: “Let’s play SA, let’s play SA”, my brother and I would both belt out “doo doo …”, and the next part of the song. We used to do the actions too. 🙂
  7. Life Itself Will Let You Know – Anthony Quinn: Apart from being an extremely beautiful father-and-son song, it is a song that brings back so much happy memories. The one at the front of the line is at a time when I was 5 or 6. We were listening to the song, and after that, we went for a week to look after my aunt Janet’s house. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I’ve just had a nice swim. As I sat on the stone bench at the side of the pool, with the sun drying me out, that song was ringing in my head, and whenever I think or hear of this song, this is the smily-face picture that I see. By the way, Love Is Like A Butterfly by Dolly Parton brings to mind a similar smily-face picture.
  8. By Jou – Carike Keuzenkamp: As I grew up, I went through these musical phases, where I sort of fixated on a certain person or band. In my late primary school/early high school years, for example, it was Bad Boys Blue. Anyway, at this point (I think I was 9 or 10) Carike Keuzenkamp was my fixation. Anyway, it was a bit of a sad time, as my parents were taking me down to Worcester, more than 1000 km away from home, to go to school there. Anyway, this song was playing, and me and my brother were sort of half asleep, when I heard my mother scream. I didn’t know what was happening, I just felt boxes and things continuously hit me on the head, and the car was bouncing up and down. Only after the car came to a standstill, did I realize we were in a car accident, and my dad was thrown out of the car. By the way, the story of the accident was on the news one week later, and it was reported that there were only four survivors. That was us.
  9. I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt – Donna Summer: This song reminds me of the old year’s eve parties we used to have at my Aunt Maya’s house on the plot. My dad and my uncle Gert both celebrate their birthdays on Old Year’s Eve, and I heard that song at one of these. By the way, AgaDoof (I don’t even know if that’s what it’s called), also reminds me of those parties. You know the Agadoof song, and everyone comes to the front, stands in a circle and does the actions: “Agadoof doof doof, push pineapple, shake a tree …” 🙂
  10. I Touch Myself – The Divinyls: Well, well, well ….. This song featured quite significantly at the time I went for training to receive my second guide dog Rhodie. We were quite a mischievous class, and were forever pranking the trainers, which caused them to take revenge. One of these revenges was this: They swapped everybody’s dog around, and because we were still new, we didn’t yet know how to recognize our dogs. Eventually, in a flat spin, and not thinking it through properly, my hand went down to the dog’s nether regions between his legs. I don’t know what I was hoping to find. When I realized what I just done, I thought: “It’s OK, everybody’s blind, nobody saw that.” Back in class with the correct dog in hand, the trainer said: “It fascinates me the lengths people go to to identify their dogs. And by the way Tracy, just so you know, Rhodie’s privates are the smallest of them all, so you’ll be able to find him easily next time.” That song was playing on the radio, and the whole class started laughing. “This is Tracy’s song.” So whenever that song played on the radio, at the chorus, the whole class will start belting out: “I don’t want anybody else, when I think about you I touch my dog.” 🙂

O, there you go – ten songs.
Well then, there you have it … Some of my weirdest memories. Do you have any songs that trigger these strange reminiscences? Please share. 🙂

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