A Jetsetter’s Photoless Photo Album – Kwa Thidi Malo

Today I must confess: I’ve had a truly yucky day which started that way before I even left the door. So I have no inspiration whatsoever. But, since I’m getting ready to jetset again, an idea popped into my head, which turned out to be a pretty good one in my opinion.

It’s a fact: […]

My Biggest Childhood Fear

My biggest childhood fear – falling. My biggest adulthood fear – falling.

But let me tell you how it all began.

When I grew up, we were very poor. As a young girl of three, I went to stay with my grandparents in Pennington. Believe it or not, though I was so small, I have […]

Ten Songs I Associate With Weird Things

These are ten songs (it might end up being more, but what the heck), that when heard, cause me to stop and reflect on something weird that’s happened in my life.

I Try – Macy Gray: Every time I hear this song I think of a bulldog by the name of Jessie we once had. […]