#AToZChallenge – Colours

As a blind person who has been that way since birth, I’ve often been asked how I perceive colours since I’ve never seen them before.

I have no idea what colours look like, but I’ve built my own perceptions based on other people’s descriptions.

For instance, I picture blue as cold and I associate it […]

Self-Conparison – Not For Me Thanks!

If you have self-esteem issues like me, then you are inclined to compare yourself and measure yourself against others. Are you blind, and struggle with mobility? Are you a woman and can’t be miss perfect?

Doing this has put me into a world of pain. “If others can, so can I,” I kept telling myself. […]

Your Body Speaks

Body language – an apparent must in all human interactions, and a mystery to me. Having been blind since birth, I’ve never consciously been aware of how my body speaks or communicates.

Growing up, however, I’ve realized, with consternation, that my body does actually speak very expressively at times. This has often got me into […]

A Scientific Explanation by an Unscientific Me

Here I would just like to try to give a “scientific” explanation to sighted people about what happens in a blindy’s brain when their stuff gets moved.

Picture this scenario:

It’s the early morning rushing-to-get-to-work-routine, and time to brush my hair. I go to the point where I know my brush is supposed to be, […]