Sentimental – Nah, Not Tonight

o here I sit in the sweltering, humid heat of Amanzimtoti, too hot to sleep, with a cooling breeze rushing through my security bars. While I do that, I have a chance to pay some blogging debt. I committed myself to writing at least one post a day, and the rest is laggish history.

The one-word challenge for today is sentimental – but I’m not in a sentimental mood tonight.

The word does however bring to mind a song; the title goes: “So won’t you please play a song, a sentimental song …” When I think of this song, it triggers a memory – a memory that changed my life, my family’s lives, and eventually brought me to this cottage by the seaside with the breeze blowing through my security bars.

It’s a memory of an interview which my brother was going to – an interview in Durban. We were all at home waiting for his call. When the call came, this song was playing, I remember a mixture of sadness and joy. On the one hand my brother was starting a new life, on the other hand our family was separating.

Who would’ve thought I’d eventually follow? Not me. My previous landlady did, though. On the first week in my cottage (not by the seaside), she told me that one day I will move to be closer to my folks. “Never,” I emphatically told her. “My life is in the city.”

And here I am …
Daily One-Word Prompt – Sentimental

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