Newly-Discovered Stress Medicine

I’ll admit: I’m a gamer. I love to play. But shoot-em-up games are not exactly my favourite.
Yesterday, though, I downloaded one of these: an iPhone game called Where’s My Rubber Ducky. It’s a 3-D audio game played with earphones on, where you spin around and point your phone in the direction you hear the zombies coming from. You have a gun and a machete you can use to eradicate these monstrous pests.
Your name is Jack, and you’re blind, armed and dangerous, and swear like a trooper. You’re really not impressed, because your land was invaded, all the women were taken, but even worse – your rubber ducky! You don’t care about the rest, you just want your ducky back!

After having had a really horrible day, I needed to be violent. Violence against real people can get messy, and it can also put me behind bars. So why not shoot some zombies who are intruding in my “space”.
So, with a few minutes to spare before I went out, I decided to shoot some zombies.
I got so carried away with these creatures coming at me from all angles. Sadly, I died within the first five minutes, because unfortunately, with all the excitement, I started pointing my head, and not my phone. :-d
The result of that disaster was side-splitting laughter which washed away the stress of the day.
So, if you need to vent or de-stress, and you feel like taking it out on something or someone, take it out on the critters who stole your rubber ducky.
The game is free in the US app store, and has no visual aesthetics, because it was designed for blind people. But I dare anyone to try this zany game and let me know how it goes. Please also don’t forget to tell me if your head started misbehaving. 🙂

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