Maestros Have the Key to the Magic

I am not an expert, but I want to write about music, and the things my wondering mind finds fascinating.
I think its safe to say every known culture has music. Flutes made of bone were dug up that shows that music is very old. It seems to be something humans do, making or listening to music. Why do we?
Maybe we know without realizing we know, that music has the power to influence.
people are evidence of its influence.
an autistic boy who couldn’t tie his shoelaces, learnt how on his second try when it was put into a song. The rhythn helped him organize his movements.
albert Einstein is known to be the cleverest man that ever lived. But his teacher made his parents take him out of school, because he was “too stupid to learn”. But his mother refused to accept this, and bought him a violin. When asked what made him so clever, he himself said its because he plays the violin. His friend also said whenever he had a problem to figure out, he would improvise with his violin, and the solution would come to him.
king George I of England had problems with memory and handling stress. He read the story in the Bible of how Saul needed special music to calm hin. King George thought he had the same problem, so he asked George Frederick Handel to write a piece of music that would do the same for him. Then Handel wrote his Water Music.
music has affect on plants. Studies show that when classical music is played, plants bend towards the sound, and grow better. When rock is played, plants bend away from the sound, wither and die.
it affects animals. Tests were done with rats, with similar findings. They responded better to classical music. My granny gave my family her parrot which was abused. It was aggressive and scared. I used to put music on for it, and after a few days you wouldn’t say it was the same bird.
music has good and bad effects on us. It affects heart rate, breathing, dilates pupils and many others. It also helps you recall. It apparently could have a negative effect too.
This makes me wonder … A metal junky turned pastor tells how people put raw eggs in front of the stage, and at break, the eggs were hard-boiled and could be eaten. It is said the screamy music coagulates proteins. I hope someone that has seen it can tell me if its really true.
So nusic has power. And musicians hold the key. make it play for you.
So let the music play on …

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