Knock Knock

Knock knock! I hear you say? Is anybody home? We haven’t heard anything in a long time.

I’m still here. I’ve just been in a bad space for a while, and creative juices were dry. But they’ve been replenished again. 🙂

I’ve got some plans for this blog.
First, I intend to add links to blogs that I enjoy reading. Let me know, and who knows? Your blog might appear in that list. 🙂
Secondly, I’m trying to figure out a way of putting podcasts on here. The same principle will apply: random ramblings about anything and everything. Let’s see what happens …

Last but not least, I hope you still enjoy your visit in my lounge. Please tell others. I’ve got a big lounge, and all are welcome, provided they visit and not spam. 🙂

2 comments to Knock Knock

  • I have enjoyed this blog! I have two myself. A personal one at which is about my recovery and life after being blinded in Afghanistan and one relating to blindness at I share tutorials and tips on technology and talk about other blind related topics.
    I also have a Podcast you can find by searching How to be Blind in iTunes or Downcast. I can teach you how to podcast if you would like!

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