Innocent Criminality

I hate when people try to read more into what you say than what you ACTUALLY said. Imagine telling someone “I went to the doctor yesterday.” Now that person looks at you. The person knows a bit about your history, let’s say that you are overweight, and have an underactive thyroid. Remember now, I told that person I went to the doctor, and what’s the person’s response? “O, what did he say about your thyroid?” I never said anything about my thyroid, the person simply read into my statement more than I actually said.
This is just a stupid example of what I’m trying to say. I don’t like it when people try to read me. You might just be wrong.
The only ones who can safely read me besides myself is God, who can read me better than I can, and Jaz, who is my best friend, and almost like a living part of me. I don’t think I have an inability to communicate, so if I say something to you, it’s exactly what I mean or what I want you to know.
Further aspects of the particular “reading” exercise that upset me:
I don’t see why I must be made to feel like a criminal just because of the way I am.
Yes, I know that many people have told me that I’m a very innocent person. Innocence can probably be a bad thing, because it can make you vulnerable, and open you up to be hurt.
But then the real problem is not with the innocent person but with the ones that abuse their knowledge of that person’s innocence.
Being innocent also doesn’t automatically mean you are ignorant.
Whatever pain I might or might not have experienced has nothing to do with innocence. Guess what, it could even happen to the most worldly-wise person on earth. You take chances, some work, some don’t. You get hurt. And that has NOTHING to do with innocence.
Romans 16:19 says: “Be excellent at what is good, be innocent from evil.”
So then, is innocence necessarily a bad thing?
Let the innocent be innocent. It’s something to be proud of.

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