Heartsore #AToZChallenge

Hello from Asta Droopy Tail

I’m heart sore tonight. I got a hiding. I don’t like them one bit, but neither does my mom. I know that because she’s crying now, and she loves me too much. After the hiding she was hugging me and taking out all the green stuff that clung to my legs, ear and face.

I went out the gate to take a peek, the gate closed behind me, and I couldn’t get in. I barked a couple of times, but my mom was trying to put her brother’s little human baby to sleep, and she never realized where I was.

At least I was found, and I can sleep on my soft bed again, not in the blackjacks. The whole family panicked! But I am home.

Think I’ll never do that again. 🙂

See ya. :-S
Asta Naughty Nose

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