Eggnorance #AtoZChallenge

Hi Again. It’s Asta.

Mom’s definition of eggnorance: Ignorant people who cannot learn.

For instance: Some people call me a blind dog. Um, no, I’m not blind, but my mom is. When she tries to help the lady right, the lady told her: “I know what they are, I’ve read a lot about them. How long have you had your blind dog?”

Then why is it that when people see dogs, they always think we’re hungry? Personally I think that’s the truth, but my mom is strict on my food intake. I have a problem with gastro and nausea, and my mom’s trying to stop me getting sick. But it’s not food that makes it happen, is it? Anyhow, don’t feed me, because it’s torture when my mom doesn’t allow me to eat it.

Then: Once a lady called me across the road when me and my mom were working. I got distracted, my mom almost fel into the road, and lost her bearings. So I love you to bits, but don’t call or try to pet me when I’m wearing my working harness. Ask my mom first.

Some people are eggnorant, but I just know you aren’t. 🙂

Don’t be eggucated, be learned. That is what one minister always used to tell my mom.


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