Dare to be Different

Maybe u haven’t thought about this, but if u do, I’m sure u would agree … that nobody wants to be forgotten after they die.
But I want to be remembered while I’m alive … & afterwards. So I have to be different. People always seem to remember those that stand out like a sore thumb.
I was told by a teacher that I am destined 2 fail& I believed it until I was in matric, & had to think about my future. I decided not to believe it& to treat those I deal with as princes & princesses who CAN.
I want to b remembered as someone with high values, & one day teach my children, irrespective of what society says, to live by those.
When I get to the end, I will ask myself some questions: Was I true to myself? Did I choose to love? Did I point to, & glorify God without being ashamed, not by the words I say, but by the life I live? Did I dare to be different?

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