Trust Me The Same

This last week I had rather a harrowing experience. We booked my ticket, and because I’ve heard bad experiences from Mango call centre agents when trying to book with my guide dog, I never even considered them. I then went for the next cheapest option, which was SAA. The first glitch was their site that […]

The Wonder of Worship

The other day I read something interesting that was so profound to me: Worship is the only gift we can give to God that he hasn’t given us first. We love Him because He loved us first. We give our time, money and talents, because He makes it possible.

Now, yesterday I went with a […]

Noisy Stillness

Thunder makes me want to raise my hands to God in wondrous praise. He made the stream and waterfall, The flood and rain that blesses all. He made the lion and the lamb, All nature by his mighty hand. His glory shines in earth, sky and sea, And yet He still has time for me. […]