Dream Job

I’ve often asked myself this question: If you could hand-pick your dream-job and your working circumstances, what would it be?

My dream job – can you guess? – would be in the music industry. Not in the front lines, but behind the scenes – better yet, behind the keyboard.

My title: Since I’m not in […]

The Wonder of Worship

The other day I read something interesting that was so profound to me: Worship is the only gift we can give to God that he hasn’t given us first. We love Him because He loved us first. We give our time, money and talents, because He makes it possible.

Now, yesterday I went with a […]

I Write the Songs

Hello everybody. A miracle is about to happen … Someone‚Äôs finally updating her blog!!!

My topic of choice for today is one of my great loves: music. And some of what I have to say here also relates to Christian contemporary/gospel music, but could apply to any type, I think.

By the title you might […]

Maestros Have the Key to the Magic

I am not an expert, but I want to write about music, and the things my wondering mind finds fascinating. I think its safe to say every known culture has music. Flutes made of bone were dug up that shows that music is very old. It seems to be something humans do, making or listening […]