Blogging Blind and Going Grey

This last day or two I had a writing bug. Which was thwarted by technical glitch after technical glitch.
When I upgraded my wordpress, my site broke, and it took me about two nights to figure out how to get my mundane plain jane site back on the air. So all I can say about that is: When I decided to make my blog self-hosted I was setting myself up for some challenges that baffled my poor small mind, which, by the way, is not too technically challenged. But this time is a major improvement, isn’t it? Last time my blog was down for a few months. This time it was a few intermittent hours. We live and learn.
That’s enough triviality for today, though. I’ve decided to make a commitment, and I’m going to try my best – no, wait, I AM GOING TO – stick to my commitment. The thing I’m committing to is this: To write a post a day. I was inspired by a friend and fellow blogger, whose work I thoroughly enjoy reading daily.
Here’s where the blogging blind comes into play. I’ve signed up for some daily prompts, so who knows what will breathe the breath of life into my creative muscles.
My blog needs a serious pick-me-up, and so here’s to Trasles accepting the challenge to keep the commitment, and for you to hold me to it. 🙂

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