Baby Sister

Hello, it’s me again – Asta, in case you’ve forgotten. Humans can be so forgetful at times. Well, my mom is a master at forgetfulness.

Today I want to tell you about my new baby sister. She’s not my biological baby sister, although I have met some of my other biological siblings. Oh, yes, I meant to tell you: I have another mom – a puppy raiser mom, and she’s awesome. She taught me how to behave, and I know she did a good job, because look how good I am. (My mom’s shaking her head – I think I better go slow on the self-praise, or maybe it’s the forgetfulness thing she doesn’t like?) The point I’m trying to make is that my puppy raising mom (more that on day p) has raised some of the brothers and sisters from my dog mom, such as Keltex.

At my mom’s old house there was a white lab who liked to bully. Poor Rhodie, my predecessor, whose legs gave in, had to suffer under Holly. But not me. I could run faster.

Here in my new home I have three sisters, but my favourite is Roxie. She’s special, and I let her do anything she wants to me – things that I wouldn’t let any other dog try. She can nibble at my lips and ears and use me as a jungle-gym, I don’t care.
Roxie laying on Asta
She’s a brave pup (she’s not even a year old yet), who was accidentally driven over by her dad when she was three months old. The vet thought all she had was a broken leg, until he x-rayed her. All her insides were jumbled up, and he didn’t think she would make it. Nevertheless, when her parents came to visit her, she was as chirpy as a bird in the morning. I don’t think I would survive what Roxie went through. I would be traumatized for life!

When I first met her, she looked like she was all zipped up the way the doctor stitched her up, and today she’s ready to run in front of a car again. šŸ˜€

See, I’m not that vain. I can talk about something other than myself.

You Know Who (or have you forgotten?)

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