#AToZChallenge – Anything

The niche my blog fits in – anything. I write about anything that tickles me at the time. Or am I too lazy to pick a theme?

I don’t know if I am lazy or not, but I’ve often hated that pesky word “Anything”, although I use it quite conveniently.

For instance, picture this: We’re at a party, and I have to make some music. So my trusty instrument gets whipped out, and I am put on the spot. “Play something for us please.” “What should I play?” “Anything.” At that point my brain goes stupid and I can’t think of a single thing to play. My opinion: “anything” is a brain freezer. Whenever he’s in the room, all decision-making flies out the window.

Another time, we had a guy living with us. He asked my brother and I to make him a cup of coffee. “How many sugars,” I asked him. “I don’t mind. Anything,” he replied. My brother sighed in frustration, complaining that he does that every time. We then decided to put sixteen teaspoons of sugar in his coffee. We just added and added until we got tired. Well, let’s just say that: After that we got very specific instructions about how the coffee should be made.

Today I’m turfing “anything” for something. I’m doing something – I’m deciding:

To pick up my socks and blog!

To follow the challenge I signed up for even though I’m a week late. 🙂

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