Hello everybody. My name is Asta, and I am a guide dog. My mom has taken up the A to Z challenge where you have to write each day on a different letter of the alphabet. Judging by my mom’s sluggardness of late, I have taken over the job. 🙂 She has been preoccupied with things like starting a new toastmasters club, and all kinds of humanish things. Oh well, the things we do for love; at least I get Sundays off. Hopefully she will reward me?

I am a female black labrador bitch (and yes, that suits me in more ways than none). I have a dog mom (I can’t remember her name), and a human mom, and in future when I refer to mom, it’s my human mom I mean. I’m my mom’s first female guide dog, and she says I have the most peculiar nature she’s ever met. Well, I don’t know about that, but let me just say: I test you first. If I don’t like you, please don’t touch me, OK? But if I do, I will reward you by pretty much licking you to death. I have mood swings, but I’m a woman and that’s my prerogative.

In these 26 days, I will tell you different aspects of my life. So I won’t say anything else now. You’ll have to wait for it, like I sometimes have to wait for my food.

Lotsalicks and see you again tomorrow.

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