A-Z Prompt – That Pesky Alarm!

My challenge for today was to write a poem, using each letter of the alphabet consecutively. This is my attempt.

At 4:45 my alarm clock shrills
Brutally breaking the silence of night;
Chasing away dreams, all hope of sleep it kills,
Dreading the chilly shock I curse and fight.
Every morning in winter time
For a few more minutes I plead;

Giving more snuggle-time – is that such a crime?
Heartless alarm clock! No empathy indeed!
Is it really time for me to rise,
Jinx the hours, that’s what you’ve done!
Kick off the covers with sleep in my eyes,
Limbs burning with cold – you think it’s fun?
Monday morning I defied my clock,
No! Only a few minutes I’d steal;

Oh, I promised to hurry, put my head on a block –
Pretty soon, though, sleep broke the deal.
Quite abruptly I woke up, jumped up with a start!
Really must hurry now; time slipped away;
Speeding through my chores with a beating heart,
To work I rush! Let’s do this day!
Untidy hastily-brushed hair and yesterday’s clothes,
Very unprepared and unkept I feel,
Wishing with my whole heart that nobody knows,
X-ray my actions, my errors to reveal.
Yes, tomorrow, when clock speaks, I’ll jump out of bed,
Zero arguments I’ll offer (I hope I remember what I’ve just said).

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