A Little Bit of Fun – The 11-Question Game

I got this idea from Pearlessence’s blog. So I’ve got to answer her questions, and then ask 11 of my own. Just my kind of random Friday fun to kill time till the weekend starts. 🙂

So hear goes it then:

  1. What’s your favourite type of cuisine? Pasta, in particular chicken and mushroom lasagna, or any lasagna for that matter.
  2. What is the one beauty brand you absolutely need? I’m not really fussy. As long as I have a good hair-shampoo like Protein Feed or Organix, a good body butter/lotion, then all’s well with me.
  3. Bold eye or bold lip? Eye.
  4. What’s your favourite outfit like? My comfortable pair of blue jeans – but if I want to dress smart, I have a nice black skirt with a matching top with glitter and beads that makes me feel like a queen. 🙂
  5. Why did you start blogging? For the fun of it, because I love writing.
  6. What’s the most adventurous/daring thing you’ve ever done? I’m a real chicken at times, but it would have to be the time I rode on the Cup and Saucer ride, which tilted you right over, and you were hanging by just a strap.
  7. What have you always wanted to try? I’m always wanting to try new things, from mosaic to creating a program. :-d
  8. What’s your favourite dessert? Anything that’s got chocolate in it – the richer and darker, the better. *yum*
  9. Skirts or pants? Pants, for most occasions. If I want to power-dress, then I haul out my few trusty skirts.
  10. What instruments do you play/would you want to learn to play? Keyboard and guitar (not so fluent with the guitar). Would like to play the harp.
  11. Tell me one thing you love about yourself. Don’t be shy! My caring nature.

Okey dokey, so my 11 questions now:

  1. Something you like about yourself:
  2. What is the meaning of your name?
  3. What is your favourite kind of holiday?
  4. Do you have pets?
  5. What’s your favourite song at the moment?
  6. What makes you smile?
  7. Something you’ve done that you never want to do again:
  8. Your favourite food:
  9. Any hobbies/pastimes you enjoy:
  10. The weirdest pet hate you have:
  11. Your favourite sweet/snack/pudding:

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