The Wonder of Worship

The other day I read something interesting that was so profound to me: Worship is the only gift we can give to God that he hasn’t given us first. We love Him because He loved us first. We give our time, money and talents, because He makes it possible.

Now, yesterday I went with a friend to his church, and we were talking about all things genuine – genuine leather, genuine coffee, genuine faith. Listening to the beautiful music, I was thinking about genuine worship. I was thinking that I wish I could stand in front, conducting them till they sing their voices hoarse.

It’s only the flame of god’s loving spirit that moves us to worship though; I can’t move you. For me the wonder of worship is that it’s something we can bring that is purely our own. We are moved by love and a desire to give something back, and this is our home-made, hand-wrapped gift – a reflection of our love.

When I was growing up, I liked to surprise people with nice things now and then. One day me and my best friend were complaining that we can’t surprise God; he already knows what we think and what we want to do before we even start. I believe worship is that surprise.

Nice to know that there is a gift to bring, and a song to sing, from the bottom of our hearts. We bring it, because He is the ultimate gift. We sing it, because He is the music.

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