The Cat-Monster

*I wrote this at a time where there was a particular woman who delighted in hurting, back-stabbing and causing trouble with all people she came across.*

wer entry
About me
Nails that live to scratch and tear,
Rip out eyes and pull out hair,
I’m the cat-monster …
I laugh when someone falls, and cry when someone succeeds,
My tongue finds enjoyment when somebody bleeds,
I’m the cat-monster …
Every woman who ever existed,
Felt my charm, so bitter and twisted,
I’m the cat-monster …

But enough poetry, womenfolk. I’m sure you all know me well.
Why? Because all of you fair beauties have made use of my power at some time in your life.
Now its payback time!
Here’s the deal … I need your body to make me complete, and you need me to take you to the top. Its a win-win situation you’ll be crazy to resist. I’ll even read the fine-print for you …
You give me your smile, I’ll steal your beauty.
You give me your tongue, and I’ll turn it into a weapon of mass-destruction.
I’ll teach you to step on hearts just because you can.
So please let me take you over and rule your entire being. Let me help you to be the cat-woman you have the potential to be.

I dedicate this to all the women who live to cause issues where there are none.

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