Woman of Worth

At the church I belong to, a couple of us had it on our heart to get a women’s conference going which would happen on Women’s Day, the 9th of August.

The theme that we came up with, was “Women of Worth”. It already spoke to me, because I do struggle with feelings of worthlessness […]

Vessel Of Glory

Creator of the earth and sea, Who am I that You are mindful of me? That same Hand that put the stars in place, Shelters me and touches my face. You made what’s under and above, And still You look on me with love. So small I am, yet You know my name, A touch […]


*Written over the easter period.*

More than a story You are to me, More than pages in a book of history. You turned my protest into praise, My hands and heart to You I raise. Who am I that You should care, Wherever I look, You’re always there. Holy God, You left Your throne above, […]

Noisy Stillness

Thunder makes me want to raise my hands to God in wondrous praise. He made the stream and waterfall, The flood and rain that blesses all. He made the lion and the lamb, All nature by his mighty hand. His glory shines in earth, sky and sea, And yet He still has time for me. […]