Newly-Discovered Stress Medicine

I’ll admit: I’m a gamer. I love to play. But shoot-em-up games are not exactly my favourite. Yesterday, though, I downloaded one of these: an iPhone game called Where’s My Rubber Ducky. It’s a 3-D audio game played with earphones on, where you spin around and point your phone in the direction you hear the […]

Funny Ironies

Sometimes I find the ironies of life quite funny. Like this one: On Monday a meeting was called at work to tell us that ESKON notified them that the power will be off the next day from 8 to 2. People were clamouring to put in the day’s leave we could take if we chose […]

My Idea of the Perfect iPhone

Last year I decided to take the plunge from my trusty old Nokia to the iWorld. I got an iPhone, and within a month I was hooked and you could label me as an iFan.

To make my experience even better, IOS 5 came out not long after I got my iPhone, and it felt […]