So What Does Death Look Like?

Death is a pretty morbid subject, but a friend of mine’s Facebook note set my mind a-thinking … about how we all perceive things differently, and create different images of things in our mind …
In her note she likened death to a woman, a mute woman with dark black eyes.
I found it interesting as I always pictured death as a man. I never ever considered death to be a woman.
OK, so here is my picture of death. I’d like to hear what you think, and what your picture looks like.
He’s tall, dark haired, and he has black eyes. His arms are long, and his fingers too. He wears a long black cloak and a black cape.
He moves silently, but runs faster than the wind.
I agree that he doesn’t speak.
He smells like old man’s skin, and his breath is icier than the water in a mountain stream.
Pfeeuw, that’s enough morbidity for one day. I’ve got shivers running down my spine. Come shiver with me and describe how you see he, she, it, them or whatever.

Leave a comment please :-)

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