My Idea of the Perfect iPhone

Last year I decided to take the plunge from my trusty old Nokia to the iWorld. I got an iPhone, and within a month I was hooked and you could label me as an iFan.

To make my experience even better, IOS 5 came out not long after I got my iPhone, and it felt like I got two new phones in one year. 🙂
I have to say the most important reason why I love it, is that it is accessible out of the box. It comes with VoiceOver, a very good screen reader. In the past, when you bought a phone, you also had to pay an arm and a leg to buy a separate screen reader. As a blind person, this was a very big reason for my decision to make the switch.

I don’t want to list all the awesome features. I’m sure your trusted friend Google would be able to highlight all the stunning features of this phone. All I want to do is just give my small two-cents worth about what I’d like to see in my ideal perfect iPhone – the features that, in my opinion, would make the iPhone flawless.

Connecting To The Internet: I’ve got a makeshift WiFi connection that I’ve set up on my Windows 7 laptop using Windows 7’s Virtual WiFi features, and a free programme called Maryfi. The problem is that my WiFi signal doesn’t seem strong enough for my iPhone to stay connected for long periods.

What will be really nice is if it could have the ability to connect to your computer’s internet via USB. The smart guys seem to call it reverse-tethering. Apparently Android has this feature, so to my mind this is a plus-point for Android.

Bluetooth: Another feature that Apple really needs to rethink and revamp is the iPhone’s bluetooth functions.

So I’m on holiday, and my family are grabbing my iPhone and snapping pictures. Sitting down and trying to send the photos to their phones, I was disappointed to learn that the bluetooth capabilities are far from adequate. In fact, if someone had to shoot the question at me: “Name one thing about your phone you don’t like” that would be it. You can only connect to devices allowed by Apple. This does not include Blackberrys and Nokias. I would like it to work like my old Nokia’s used to work. I would also like to be able to initiate pairing from my iPhone.

Just another thought: I really think iTunes is the worm in the golden apple. I hate having to rely on iTunes for so many things, and have to follow so many convoluted steps to do something as simple as copy music/audiobooks onto my phone. I wish I could just do it via USb, using the phone as a USB flash drive, like I used to do with my e63. Being able to choose any song in my iPod without having to reduce it to 30 seconds and have it saved in a specific m4r format would also be nice.

In spite of the negatives I’ve listed above, I’m still an iPhonoholic, and I seem to have a growth on my hand which the doctors can’t remove. 🙂

I cannot believe all the great stuff I can do, from recognizing barcodes to making a little music with Garage Band. I’m a pretty happy camper.

If these issues could be changed, this would be the perfect phone.

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  • Nice one! I am also an iFan with 3 apple devices which also changed my life! I LOVE them. And I also agree with the Bluetooth point, it definiely could work a lot better.

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