Food #AtoZChallenge

No, that’s wrong. Foooooood!

Sorry, where’s my manners? Hello, it’s Hungry Asta.

I’m a labrador, and by nature I love food. In my best dog-dreams I eat and eat and never stop.

My food intake is limited, so that I can look slim and trim. Hmph, I think my mom should limit her intake a bit, and give what’s left to me.

I have a problem with my tummy, and my mom gets very angry when I pick up juicy bits that lie around. She says my food costs her a fortune, and the least I can do is keep away from other food. Well, Mom, I can do a lot of things, but I find that one very hard. So I try to do it on the sly. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy – she catches me out most of the time.

Lotsa Licks

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