Feed Me, Seymour!

I heard a voice crying: “Feed me, Seymour! Feed me!” Was it that nasty plant from Little Shop of Horrors that chomped people? If so, it could jolly well starve.
But then I heard it again … more desperate and miserable. I just had to take a peek. So I lifted up the curtains and discovered … my poor neglected blog.

So what happened to Trasles and Astalicious? Let’s just say they got really busy. Asta tried sneaking out only once more, and is safely at home. She had more to write, but what can she say? Her mom forever hogs the PC, and when does she ever have a turn?

As for Trasles, she has helped start a Toastmasters club in her neighbourhood, and has discovered it’s hard work, but she’s proud of what has come of her efforts so far, and feels like a mom with a new baby to nurture.

In the meantime, I was promised work in the beginning of the year which never materialized. After a trillion searches, I decided to do something I’ve always wanted to do, but never had the time for: study. So I’ve studied to become a life coach, and am ready to spread my wings. Won’t say I’m not scared as hell, but there it is.

I am also involved in a corporate wellness venture. Let’s see where that goes.

As for my music, I’m playing in my church band and loving it as always.

“Ahhh,” said my blog as it wipes the last crumbs off its mouth. “You ARE still alive, thank goodness. Don’t leave me so long again, OK?” I won’t, I promise. I now HAVE to write. I now have a business site at which I committed to write once a day, and what good is a life coach who can’t keep her own commitments? So, with the creative juices being forced to flow, dear blog, you might just get lucky.

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