Hello, it’s Astalicious here. My mommy’s close friend sometimes calls me that. šŸ˜›
Ah no, look what I’ve gone and done: created extra work for myself. I forgot that Sunday is my day of rest, and I’m not supposed to write on that day. C day is today, and I’m so mad at myself for taking on my mom’s forgetful nature, I think I need a cuddle.

I love cuddles. You cuddle me, and I smother you with lick love. And trust me, I have a loong tongue. Tell me, why is it that humans (even my mom), don’t like being licked in the face? It’s only my way of showing how devoted I am to you.

Talking about cuddles, I also love cuddly toys, although my mom has stopped giving them to me, because my teeth are a little sharp these days, and I mess all the soft insides out. She’s scared I might swallow some of that. Oh well, no cuddly toys for me, but at least I still get lots of cuddles.

“Hello, friends. Tomorrow Asta’s word starts with a d, has a y at the end, and a t in the middle. Can you guess the word?”

Hey! Mom, get off my blog! I don’t know what you just said, but it seems like you’re trying to give away all my secrets. I feel a blog fight coming on!

Lotsa lavish licks

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