Blogging Blind and Going Grey

This last day or two I had a writing bug. Which was thwarted by technical glitch after technical glitch. When I upgraded my wordpress, my site broke, and it took me about two nights to figure out how to get my mundane plain jane site back on the air. So all I can say about […]


This year I shocked myself. I won the humourous contest at my toastmasters club, Gold Reef, and then won the area contest at Positive Speakers in Soweto.

Sadly, I got knocked out at District Level, but I’m still chuffed that I made it that far, and am ready to give it my best shot again […]

Hey, Where’s Your Mother?

Every time I make a call, I always seem to hit a wall, Whenever I try to clinch a transaction, I always get the same reaction.

“Excuse me, kid, don’t waste my time, You’re really stepping out of line, I’d smack you with these hands of mine, But call your mommy, and all will be […]

Rhodie’s Response To The Vocal Shock

Hi everybody. I’m Rhodie, and I’m a gorgeous 10-year old white labby. While my owner has vacated her chair in front of the PC, I’d like to have a chance too. I hope she doesn’t come back soon and catch me in the act, because I really want to put forward my side of the […]

Knock Knock

Knock knock! I hear you say? Is anybody home? We haven’t heard anything in a long time.

I’m still here. I’ve just been in a bad space for a while, and creative juices were dry. But they’ve been replenished again. 🙂

I’ve got some plans for this blog. First, I intend to add links to […]

The Obvious Answer To A Stupid Question

I wonder why people do this? When they see you sitting at your desk, they say “O, are you here?” Where else can you be?

Sometimes I answer, if I’ve got nothing better to do with the air in my voice box. But then sometimes I don’t.

And then sometimes (I’m thinking of one ex-colleague […]