Feed Me, Seymour!

I heard a voice crying: “Feed me, Seymour! Feed me!” Was it that nasty plant from Little Shop of Horrors that chomped people? If so, it could jolly well starve. But then I heard it again … more desperate and miserable. I just had to take a peek. So I lifted up the curtains and […]

Sentimental – Nah, Not Tonight

o here I sit in the sweltering, humid heat of Amanzimtoti, too hot to sleep, with a cooling breeze rushing through my security bars. While I do that, I have a chance to pay some blogging debt. I committed myself to writing at least one post a day, and the rest is laggish history.

The […]

A Leap Of The Imagination

Daily Writing Prompt – Leap

I remember how as a child I was told that I had a vivid imagination, which will go away once you get older. “Then I never want to grow up,” I would reply.

I did grow up however, but still I find I have a vivid imagination – OK, maybe […]

The Lesson Lion Had to Learn – A Children’s Story

One day King Lion decided to call a meeting of all the animals in the jungle.

"I have decided," he said, "that we must decide who belongs in the animal kingdom, and who doesn’t."

The animals were quiet. Some were angry. Some were afraid. All were waiting to hear what King Lion’s next words would […]

A Jetsetter’s Photoless Photo Album – Kwa Thidi Malo

Today I must confess: I’ve had a truly yucky day which started that way before I even left the door. So I have no inspiration whatsoever. But, since I’m getting ready to jetset again, an idea popped into my head, which turned out to be a pretty good one in my opinion.

It’s a fact: […]

A-Z Prompt – That Pesky Alarm!

My challenge for today was to write a poem, using each letter of the alphabet consecutively. This is my attempt.

At 4:45 my alarm clock shrills Brutally breaking the silence of night; Chasing away dreams, all hope of sleep it kills, Dreading the chilly shock I curse and fight. Every morning in winter time For […]

Moving House – Virtually

Hi All

I’ve moved virtual house, i.e. I’ve moved to a new host, with all the shlepperations of moving my domain over, and messing up my site, so that all you saw was some generic wordpress stuff. In short my old house was getting too small for even the basic tasks, and the replacement I […]

Blogging Blind and Going Grey

This last day or two I had a writing bug. Which was thwarted by technical glitch after technical glitch. When I upgraded my wordpress, my site broke, and it took me about two nights to figure out how to get my mundane plain jane site back on the air. So all I can say about […]


This year I shocked myself. I won the humourous contest at my toastmasters club, Gold Reef, and then won the area contest at Positive Speakers in Soweto.

Sadly, I got knocked out at District Level, but I’m still chuffed that I made it that far, and am ready to give it my best shot again […]

Hey, Where’s Your Mother?

Every time I make a call, I always seem to hit a wall, Whenever I try to clinch a transaction, I always get the same reaction.

“Excuse me, kid, don’t waste my time, You’re really stepping out of line, I’d smack you with these hands of mine, But call your mommy, and all will be […]