A Jetsetter’s Photoless Photo Album — Worcester

Worcester — no, not the one in England, but the one in the Cape, holds some bitter-sweet memories for me. It was there where I experienced the pain of being labelled “not good enough to succeed”, but also happy memories of special people and good times. Though the place has evolved somewhat since I left, […]

A Jetsetter’s Photoless Photo Album – Kwa Thidi Malo

Today I must confess: I’ve had a truly yucky day which started that way before I even left the door. So I have no inspiration whatsoever. But, since I’m getting ready to jetset again, an idea popped into my head, which turned out to be a pretty good one in my opinion.

It’s a fact: […]

Flavour #32 – Want to Know What Heaven Tastes Like?

My local ice cream parlour asked me to develop an ice cream flavour that matches my personality. Hmm, well, I don’t know if this would match my personality, but let’s say this: If heaven had a taste, this would probably be it.

First up, can you guess? Chocolate – not just any old chocky, but […]

Defiling eFiling

A few years back, the South African Revenue Services (SARS) introduced eFiling, which was supposed to make paying your income tax easier – filling out your tax forms “from the comfort of your armchair”. That is to say, if you’re not blind. Blind people don’t have the liberty to fill in their tax returns from […]

Blindies and Cars

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wished I could just get into a car and drive. Heck, I bet you my whole salary I’m not the only blindy that fantasizes about the power behind the wheel, and the ability to control it. You could even understand why we would want it so […]


*This I wrote during the time of the Soccer World Cup in South Africa in 2010, when the atmosphere and soccer-fever was absolutely electric.*

Put on our smiles, packed away our tissues. Put on the vuvus and put away complaints, Put away the things that scars and taints. Because Laduma-fever has grabbed this land, We […]