A Leap Of The Imagination

Daily Writing Prompt – Leap

I remember how as a child I was told that I had a vivid imagination, which will go away once you get older. “Then I never want to grow up,” I would reply.

I did grow up however, but still I find I have a vivid imagination – OK, maybe […]

The Wonder of Worship

The other day I read something interesting that was so profound to me: Worship is the only gift we can give to God that he hasn’t given us first. We love Him because He loved us first. We give our time, money and talents, because He makes it possible.

Now, yesterday I went with a […]

My First Athletic Achievement

I was 17 years old. It was athletics day at our school, and I was sitting on the pavilion shouting insults at the opposing team, the way it always happened. I resolved that I was not going to put my feet on the athletic track. “I’m not a sporty person, and don’t like it either,” […]

Self-Conparison – Not For Me Thanks!

If you have self-esteem issues like me, then you are inclined to compare yourself and measure yourself against others. Are you blind, and struggle with mobility? Are you a woman and can’t be miss perfect?

Doing this has put me into a world of pain. “If others can, so can I,” I kept telling myself. […]

The Bone Garden

This post is based on a prompt where I have to use the name of my favourite book as the title of my post. Yes, you guessed it – the name of my favourite book is The Bone Garden by Tess Gerritsen. I love Tess Gerritsen period. But if I have to choose her best, […]

I Write the Songs

Hello everybody. A miracle is about to happen … Someone’s finally updating her blog!!!

My topic of choice for today is one of my great loves: music. And some of what I have to say here also relates to Christian contemporary/gospel music, but could apply to any type, I think.

By the title you might […]

Why Me?

So here I am, just after 1 in the morning, lying awake. I think writing is sometimes therapeutic, so I’m going to write. Maybe by writing and getting this thing off my chest, I can help myself, and, hopefully, help someone else sometime.

As you might have gathered if you have read some of my […]

Vocal Shock

I’ve often wondered about this: If my guide dog, Rhodie, could talk, what would he say? Or any dog for that matter. Maybe if he suddenly started speaking, I’d get a vocal shock. :-d Some nights in his sleep he starts pedaling in the air with his feet and barking. I wish I could ask […]

My Idea of the Perfect iPhone

Last year I decided to take the plunge from my trusty old Nokia to the iWorld. I got an iPhone, and within a month I was hooked and you could label me as an iFan.

To make my experience even better, IOS 5 came out not long after I got my iPhone, and it felt […]

A Convenient Excuse for Stupidity

There are so many blonde jokes out there labelling blondes as stupid. And there are also many blondes that take offense to that. Although I don’t agree that blondes are inherently stupid, I don’t mind the jokes, simply because some of them are sooo funny. So, in spite of the fact that my hair labels […]