Flavour #32 – Want to Know What Heaven Tastes Like?

My local ice cream parlour asked me to develop an ice cream flavour that matches my personality. Hmm, well, I don’t know if this would match my personality, but let’s say this: If heaven had a taste, this would probably be it.

First up, can you guess? Chocolate – not just any old chocky, but […]

A-Z Prompt – That Pesky Alarm!

My challenge for today was to write a poem, using each letter of the alphabet consecutively. This is my attempt.

At 4:45 my alarm clock shrills Brutally breaking the silence of night; Chasing away dreams, all hope of sleep it kills, Dreading the chilly shock I curse and fight. Every morning in winter time For […]

A Scientific Explanation by an Unscientific Me

Here I would just like to try to give a “scientific” explanation to sighted people about what happens in a blindy’s brain when their stuff gets moved.

Picture this scenario:

It’s the early morning rushing-to-get-to-work-routine, and time to brush my hair. I go to the point where I know my brush is supposed to be, […]

Newly-Discovered Stress Medicine

I’ll admit: I’m a gamer. I love to play. But shoot-em-up games are not exactly my favourite. Yesterday, though, I downloaded one of these: an iPhone game called Where’s My Rubber Ducky. It’s a 3-D audio game played with earphones on, where you spin around and point your phone in the direction you hear the […]

Vocal Shock

I’ve often wondered about this: If my guide dog, Rhodie, could talk, what would he say? Or any dog for that matter. Maybe if he suddenly started speaking, I’d get a vocal shock. :-d Some nights in his sleep he starts pedaling in the air with his feet and barking. I wish I could ask […]