Writing Therapy

I’ve decided to dust off my trusty old blog. Not going to say the usual things I usually say to the usual phenomenon that happens when I get the urge to write. OK, so getting to the topic: writing therapy. So, about two weeks ago, someone made me so angry that I wanted to throw […]

Factory Reset

Hi friends. There’s a reason for this heat wave we are experiencing; miracles happen and I’m finally dusting off and reviving my old blog. 🙂 This is because I’ve finally taken the time to get it to work properly again, feel in the mood to write, and actually have something to say. I’m also putting […]

#AToZChallenge – Fitness

Meet the chick that hates the gym. That’s me. In my never-ending battle with my bulges (definitely plural), exercise feels worse than diet.

But not anymore. Well, I still hate the gym, but I’ve found some ways to enjoy exercise.

I used to do Pilates, and it made me feel really good at myself, especially […]


Excitement is what I feel more and more each day. That’s because yours truly is going on a holiday.

What makes it even more exciting is that it is to a place I’ve never been before.

The other thing I’m looking forward to about my holiday is the friends I’ll meet, and the music that […]

#AToZChallenge – Dreams

There is a saying that sticks with me and I can’t remember who said it originally. I also can’t remember the proper wording, but here goes. The successful man is the one who dreams while he is awake.

To me it talks of making your dreams happen. For this recipe to work, you need some […]

#AToZChallenge – Colours

As a blind person who has been that way since birth, I’ve often been asked how I perceive colours since I’ve never seen them before.

I have no idea what colours look like, but I’ve built my own perceptions based on other people’s descriptions.

For instance, I picture blue as cold and I associate it […]


Binge-blogger – that’s me.

I remember with fondness a friend I met on a chat site that used to nag and nag me to write. I think I need another friend like that. He inspired me and made me enjoy writing, even though at times I felt I wanted to use my fly-swatter on him.


#AToZChallenge – Anything

The niche my blog fits in – anything. I write about anything that tickles me at the time. Or am I too lazy to pick a theme?

I don’t know if I am lazy or not, but I’ve often hated that pesky word “Anything”, although I use it quite conveniently.

For instance, picture this: We’re […]

Someone Worth Dying For

After my little bit of self-discovery I wrote about in my previous post, I decided to look for God. I decided to separate myself from all the things I enjoy doing – playing games, watching cricket, et cetera until I finally understand how God sees my worth, not just hearing it and feeling good when […]

Woman of Worth

At the church I belong to, a couple of us had it on our heart to get a women’s conference going which would happen on Women’s Day, the 9th of August.

The theme that we came up with, was “Women of Worth”. It already spoke to me, because I do struggle with feelings of worthlessness […]