About Me

So then, who is this plain Jane that rambles all the time, or maybe not all the time, but whenever she feels inspired to?
My name is Tracy. I go by so many different variants though: Trace, Tracy-Wace, Patrys, Tras, maTrayTray, Trys-Muis, and … Trasles.
I always think that a person’s living space tells you something about that person. So, let’s liken me to a house.
As you walk in through my front door, and into the front entrance, you’ll find a girl who appears self-confident and sure of herself, but you might find as you get to know her better, that she is actually very self-conscious and shy.
My kitchen: I love cooking, but only for an appreciative audience, and I’m not that audience. I’ll cook any time when my family comes to visit.
My bathroom: My mirror represents my constant self-examination. I am my own worst critic.
My study: I love to read, though non-fiction doesn’t top my list. I guess my favourite genre is murder mystery, especially of the forensic/medical kind – you know, the kind of story where a forensic anthropologist is called to analyse bones in a plastic bag to catch a killer. My favourite authors: Kathy Reichs, Karen Slaughter, Mark Billingham, Tess Gerritsen, Sidney Sheldon, and that list will probably grow. I’m also a Christian, and apart from the Bible, I love books by Rebecca Brown (not for the faint of heart), Bruce Wilkinson, and yet again, the list will grow.
You’ll also find my computer there, representing my interest in all things technological, although I won’t call myself a geek or a nerd or whatever you want to call them.
You’ll also find bits of whatever craft I’m busy with, be it knitting or beading. I’m a very creative, crafty creature, and love to learn new crafts.
My bedroom: Here is where I keep all my treasures, like seashells in a collection. Here I keep all my dark secrets, my hang-ups, my tears and laughter, my joys and my pain. To enter here, you need a licence, but if you’re lucky, you might catch a glimps of what’s inside. 🙂
And lastly, my lounge: My couches represent my wish to make you feel comfortable in my space.
If you would take a seat and chat to me, you might find out all kinds of things about me.
The first thing is that I am blind. It doesn’t worry me though, and although it creates obstacles, it definitely doesn’t rob me of my joy and my zest for this thing called life.
You’ll also notice that I love to laugh – a lot, and wherever possible, loud. Yes, I love to laugh, especially at myself.
Something you also might have gleaned from another room, is my love for Jesus. He is a faithful friend, and especially since I’m on my own, I rely on Him for the simplest things.
You will also discover that I am an incurable musoholic. No stint at any rehab will get that out of me. (They first have to find the rest of my marbles.) :-d Anyway, what I was trying to say before I got side-tracked is that I love listening to, and especially making, music. I play keyboard at church, and our practice sessions, and the actual praise and worship on a Sunday, is the highlight of my week.
You’ll also notice that I can’t stand fake and pretentious people.
What I do for a living: I am a Braille Instructor, teaching Braille to newly-blinded individuals, those working with blind people, and just anyone who wants to learn. (O, and did I mention that there’s nothing like having a braille book under your finger tips? Reading on computer, although it happens more frequently in my life due to availability of e-books, does not compare to having the written word under my finger tips.)
My extra-mural activities: (Gosh, I haven’t used that word since school days) :-d I am a member of Gold Reef Toastmasters and I absolutely love it. So what made me join? Maybe I should start with what got me there in the first place: the insistent nagging of one of the members. (So you see, guys, a nagging woman isn’t always a bad asset to have.) Watching what the people achieved through the toastmasters programme encouraged me to join. When I joined, I thought: “I could never do this.” But hey, I’ve developed so much, even I can’t believe the change from a stammery breathy speaker to what I am today, although there’s always room for improvement.
Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell. I hope you’ve come to know a little more about who I am.
Enjoy your visit in my lounge, and I’d love to hear from you. Share a little of yourself with me too, as I’ve shared a little of myself with you.