Beaded Plug Chain

Thanks to Clint Steadman for this pattern. 🙂

What You’ll Need

  • A long piece of tiger tail
  • A mother of pearl bead (bead with small loop through which to thread your tiger tail)
  • Beads (you can work out your own pattern and colour scheme, depending on how long you want your chain)
  • Two crimpers
  • Crimping tool or long nose pliers


  1. Take a long piece of Tiger Tail, put it through a Mother of Pearl
    pead. (It can be any form. The one I used looked like a tear. At the tip there was a circle where you put the tiger tail through).
  2. Put the two
    ends of the Tiger Tail together. Then you can start a sequence. (Note: You are threading the beads through both ends of your tiger tail.)
  3. When your plug chain is long enough, you thread two Crimpers onto your tiger tail.
  4. Then thread your tiger tail through the plug and back through the crimpers.
  5. Pull tight and use your crimping pliers to close the crimpers.
  6. Take the Tiger Tail back through two or three beads, and cut off the bits that are sticking out.