Crafting Without Sight

Hi all and welcome to the Crafting Without Sight section of my blog.
There are so many patterns on the web, which are not accessible to those of us with fused globes, as they are done graphically. Here I aim to provide a place where accessible text-based patterns can be found.
If your globes are still burning brightly, you are still welcome to use these patterns.
Wherever possible, I will try to provide pictures for the patterns I post. If you have tried out one of these patterns, and find it pictureless, or even if you’d like to have your pattern posted here, you’re welcome to contact me.
I will provide a contact form at the bottom of this post where you can reach me.
Please don’t feel offended if your pattern is not posted. As this is my blog, I reserve the right to decide, and to edit whatever I receive.
Wherever possible, I will acknowledge the sources. I will also attempt to get permission to post patterns which I’ve downloaded from other site and made accessible. However, if I have contacted a site on numerous times (which I have done with one particular site), explaining my purpose, and I haven’t even got an acknowledgement that I mailed them, I will go right ahead and post without permission. It’s not my fault: I was courteous and considerate, and they didn’t even attempt to respond.
If I should feel the need, I will add further explanation/clarity to your pattern. I will only do this if I feel that further explanation could be helpful.
I admit that this is probably not a new idea, but I hope that this will be a place where crafty hands can find something to do. Please also visit Lindy van Der Merwe’s site, and check out her Accessible Origami Project. It is fantastic!
Happy crafting. 🙂
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